Greene-O'Leary School 
                                               of  Irish Dance
Join Us! 

We have classes in Dedham, Needham, and Westwood, Massachusetts.

E-mail us for details. 

New England has many feiseanna through the year at which to compete. To find out dates and locations, feel free to ask Maureen, check out our feis page, or try these sites:  

Appropriate Class Attire     
Dancers should wear shorts to class. Beginners may wear ballet slippers;
all others should wear Irish ghillies with ankle socks.

 New shoes can be purchased through Mary Devlin's site 

For competition and performance (including recitals and dance-outs), dancers must wear either a hot pink leotard with a school skirt, or a school dress. If a dancer has acheived the necessary level, she may wear a solo dress. 

We have fittings for school dresses in the fall. Please let Maureen know if you are interested in having your dancer fitted. 

No school dress or solo dress, either new or used, should be purchased without Maureen's approval

Our Spring Feis is
Saturday, June 2
Entry Deadline May 14 with No Late Fee