Greene-O'Leary School 
                                               of  Irish Dance

The Greene-O'Leary School is registered with
An Coimisiun Le Rince Gaelacha,
the North American Irish Dancing Teachers Association, and
the New England Regional Irish Dancing Association.
Greene-O'Leary is the longest-running
 Irish dancing school in New England.

    The Greene School of Irish Dancing began in 1940 in Glasgow, Scotland, under the direction of Maureen Lynch Greene. In 1962, she relocated her school to Boston, where her daughter and granddaughters are still teaching today. Since then, our school has worked to promote Irish Culture through dance. Over the years, the school has attained many awards in regional, national, and world championship competitions, with two first place titles in the All-World Championships in Ireland, as well as other placements in World Competition. 

    In 2007, our founder, Maureen Greene, was presented the Gradam Award at the World Championships in Glasgow. The Gradam Award is presented to those who have spent a lifetime working diligently to safeguard and preserve An Rince Gaelacha and also to acknowledge and appreciate their contributions to An Coimisiun.
Celebrating 75 Years of Dance!
Join Us at Our Spring Feis
  Saturday, June 6


Pre-Beginner/Beginner          8 am                                            
Advanced Beginner                  8:20 am
Novice                                           8:50 am
Prizewinner                                10:30 am
Preliminary Champion          12:30 pm
Open Champion                        2:45 pm

We provide a great learning environment for both competitive and recreational dancers. 

    Although dancers are encouraged to compete, it is not a requirement. There are many opportunities for dancers who would like to perform with the school dance team. Our dancers perform at various cultural and social events throughout the year. 

    Contact us to learn about joining our family of dancers. 

Pick up dancer numbers at the door. All dancers must proceed downstairs to check in and line up. Please be prepared to dance
 15 minutes prior to your
 scheduled competition. 

Sheila Stevens             CT
Iris Gray Sharnick     PA
John O'Keefe               CT
P.K. Lenihan                CT
Siobhan Moore           NY
Kathleen Flaherty     MA